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If you want to lose your weight before you go to the beach then you need to add full body workout program. Most people are trying to lose fat with this method and when they do not succeed they just quit and do not understand why they still have belly fat and not the flat six pack abs.

When you are working out these full body exercises will take up the majority your workout. Combine this full body exercises into a great workout and you will maximize your metabolism which is a very important factor in losing fat.

A full body exercise program will generate more metabolic changes in your body and you also will be indirectly working your entire core even though you are not directly targeting your abs.

Even you are doing exercise you still must remember the most important thing if you want to lose weight is your nutrition. If you eat junk food, then no matter how much or how hard you workout you will still have fat excess.

So get to the gym and start combining full body exercises to your ab routine and make sure you are eating a healthy diet. By doing these things you will have your six pack abs.

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