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If you want to have a beach body this summer, now’s the time to start your weigh loss programm.

Dieting can be as difficult. Because the temptations you need to overcome, the fatigue you feel with hunger and sugar-withdrawal symptoms all makes it easy to quit. However, some studies have come to the conclusion that summer is the best month of the year to start your diet and lose some weight for the following reasons:

Your Body Needs Water

The best advice for people on diet is drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Certainly, summer is the best time to drink water and that is because we always feel thirst and drink large amounts of water. Water helps body to get rid of poisons and it also makes up for liquids that the body loses during exercises. This way you make sure that your weight issues are not related to water retention.

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

Summer is the best season for fruits. In summer, in particular, you can find multiple types of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some types of summer fruits – such as watermelon – contain many vitamins and a large amount of water.

Rich on Fibers

They also contain a little amount of calories and a rich fiber content which will help in providing options of healthy foods that help in diet and losing weight. Moreover, with the rich fiber content, they prevent constipation from which some people on diet may suffer.


Summer holiday: during summer, kids have their holiday and this is a good chance to have enough time to follow your diet and control the amounts of food you have. You will not suffer with the stress you usually go through when your kids have school problems, thus your eating won’t be stress related.

Activities & Exercise

Summer is the best time for exercising as much as possible. This is because it is not so cold like in winter when you are forced to be coped up in your place and can hardly move. Summer, also, encourages you to exercise, especially, in the early morning when you can enjoy sunrays which stimulate happiness hormones.

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