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These healthy homemade salad dressings are simple to make and very tasty. They will allow you to have control over what ingredients going to your dressings. When you buy store-bought salad dressing you could be getting more chemical ingredients, preservatives and generally less healthy dressing.

Try making your own healthy salad dressing recipes tonight and find the ones you like the best. Then you can make them fresh once a week in a larger batch and store them in the fridge in a jar with a tight container for use when you eat salads.

Another good thing about making your own healthy salad dressings for salad is the cheaper cost. Also, as long as you don’t put any heavy mayonnaise or yogurt (use low-fat and low-calorie versions) or similar high fat ingredient in your dressings,  you will have low-calorie and low-fat dressings which are great for any diet.


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