The Banana Diet

Our 7 day banana diet is a effective weight loss diet that is easy to follow, it will improve your digestion, skin and boost immune system. On the banana diet you eat fruits, especially bananas. There are very few restricted foods on this diet however. One rule of this diet is that you must eat dinner before 8 pm.There are no strict meal plans or counting calories on the banana diet .

the-banana-dietTwo of the recommendations while eating this diet is that you get to bed before midnight and keep a food diary of what you eat each day. Weight loss happens mainly because you will be eating less calories simply by following the diet.

Pros of the banana diet
1. Reduces late night snacking.
2. Helps to lessen food cravings.
3. Bananas are good for your health.
4. The banana diet recommends eating bananas every day, and bananas have vital vitamins and minerals, such as fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6.
5. Lessens fat and refined sugar intake.

Cons o the banana diet
1. May not be right for everyone.
2. Makes overeating easy.
3. Doesn’t set up healthy exercise outlines.
4. Doesn’t deal with the psycho-social features of weight loss.

The characteristics of a banana diet
The bananas must be raw or frozen , never cooked. You may replace with other fruit, but just one type per meal. If you are hungry, you need to wait 15 to 30 minutes and you can eat something else.You are allowed just one snack every day in the afternoon, which is also the only time sweets are permitted.
The diet recommends avoiding dairy and ice cream most of the time.
The diet is flexible enough for vegetarians and people with nutritional restrictions.
The water must be at room temperature.

7 Day the banana diet plan
Banana diet: Day 1

1 glass of pure warm water
3 bananas
A cup of green tea

2 boiled eggs
Fresh salad

Mix of fruits

Large vegetable salad
Boiled chicken breast
Total calories count – 910 cals

Banana diet: Day 2

1 glass of pure warm water
2 bananas
Low-fat yogurt

Brown rice with grilled salmon
1 banana

2 apples

Fruit salad
Oatmeal with milk
Total calories count – 1050 cals

Banana diet: Day 3

1 glass of pure warm water
1 cup of tea
3 bananas

Potato-tomato soup
3 carrots

1 banana

Baked fish fillet
2 cucumbers
Total calories count – 1100 cals

Banana diet: Day 4

1 glass of pure warm water
Cottage cheese
2 bananas
Cup of coffee

Chicken soup
Fresh salad


White rice
1 grilled zucchini and 1 grilled tomato
Total calories count – 900 cals

Banana diet: Day 5

1 glass of pure warm water
2 Bananas
3/4 cup bran flakes

1 glass of pure warm water
Vegetable soup
1 baked potato with salsa and fat-free sour cream

15 grapes

1 glass of pure warm water
Poached salmon
Brown rice
Total calories count – 1210 cals

Banana diet: Day 6

1 glass of pure warm water
Oatmeal with low-fat yogurt and sliced banana

1 glass of pure warm water
Black bean salad
Grilled flank steak

2 bananas

1 glass of pure warm water
Spinach Salad
Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes
Total calories count – 1300 cals

Banana diet: Day 7

1 glass of pure warm water
2 bananas
A cup of coffee

Tomato Cream Soup
Carrot and Pineapple Salad

2 orange

1 glass of pure warm water
Oatmeal with sliced bananas
Total calories count – 1350 cals

The Banana diet: Shopping list
20 bananas
6 eggs
Chicken breast 500g
Low-fat yogurt 1 bottle
Brown rice 1 pack
Salmon 500g
5 apples
Oatmeal 1 pack
Potato 1kg
Tomato 500g
5 carrots
Fish fillet 500g
5 cucumbers
Cottage cheese 350g
3 Grapefruits
White rice 1 pack
3 zucchini
Bran flakes 1 pack
Fat-free sour cream 1 bottle
Grapes 300g
Black bean 1 can
Cherry Tomatoes 200g
1 Pineapple
5 orange
Green pesto
Black pepper 100g
Mushrooms 250 g
2 apricot
5 asparagus
Lettuce 50g
Cherries 200g
Blueberries 200g
Olive or linen oil 1 bottle
Low-cal dressing 1 bottle
Olives 1 can
Cabbage 500 g
Onion 1 kg
Radishes 500 g
Brussels sprouts 200 g
Mixed veggie salad 1 pack
Tossed mixed greens 1 pack

Enjoy a banana diet!!

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