The Best Meal Plan For Your Diet Personality

October 11, 2018Uncategorized

If you eat less than 3 meals a day looks like you don’t care about your body. Spending most of your time eating or snacking plus forgetting to take your 1 hour exercise… I don’t need to mention what would be the effect, but I strongly recommend you to read carefully these 3 eating plans, … Read More

The Best Anti-Aging Foods to Rejuvenate

October 2, 2018Diets

When the goal is rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit, the method should be smaller, more frequent snacks and meals.  This will help keep energy levels on an even keel, and regulate your blood sugar levels to avoid spikes and dips. When you choose the right combination of foods, your body gets the much-needed boost … Read More

The Best Meat Substitutes

September 18, 2018Diets, Vegetarian Recipes

The good news is when you are a vegetarian there are lots of substitutes for meat and wonderful recipes you can use so you can eliminate meat from your diet and not feel like you are “going without”. The added benefit is that vegetarian eating is much healthier for your body than a diet where … Read More

Easy And Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

September 4, 2018Diets, Lunch & Dinner Recipes

Making healthy lunch box for kids that they actually want to eat is a hard task for mothers. These healthy ideas provide excellent nutritional value to maintain health. Kids have different food requirements for their lunch box. They will eat the food only when they like it. Kids are required with so much stamina that … Read More

How many calories are in fresh cherries?

August 15, 2018Breakfast Recipes, Snacks under 100-Calories

In the summer, life is a bowl of cherries. The long, warm days have produce sections brimming with big, juicy, sweet cherries. To promote the nutritional benefits of fresh produce, there’s the Pick of the Season, a public health initiative spotlighting seasonal fruit and vegetables, with recipes this quarter for cherries, a produce selection that … Read More

Dieting Without Sacrifice-How to Cut Fat Rapid

August 7, 2018Diets, Fat Burning Super Recipes

Is dieting possible without sacrifice?  So many people view dieting as some sort of cosmic punishment for not having the perfect body. They believe that enjoying food is somehow bad for them, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to be completely honest with yourself, when it comes to dieting, it isn’t … Read More

Why Drink More Water? The Benefits of Drinking Water

August 1, 2018health

Why Drink More Water? The human body can last weeks without food, but only days without water. The body is made up of approximately 55 to75 per cent water. Water forms the basis of blood, digestive juices, urine and perspiration and is contained in lean muscle, fat and bones. Water and Health As the body … Read More

Superfood: Raspberries Super Fat Burner

July 24, 2018Snacks under 100-Calories

Raspberries know also as a superfood, are recommended for weight loss because of the very low calorie intake and the high fibers. Raspberries discovered almost 2000 years ago, are from the family of the roses, such as strawberries and peaches.   Raspberry Ketone Raspberry recognized as an excellent  fat-burner due to the raspberry ketone which … Read More

Color Your Diet Healthy with Fruits and Vegetables

July 18, 2018health, weight loss tips

Eat different fruits and vegetables every day It’s important that we eat plenty of different fruits and vegetables every day. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health. Most … Read More

The Best Juices and Smooties for Weight Loss

July 11, 2018Fat Burning Super Recipes

Juice can actually be considered a natural water source and provides the body with protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that can be absorbed quickly and efficiently. Fresh juice also contains necessary enzymes, and pigments such as carotenes, chlorophyll, and flavonoids. Health Booster Juice Diet Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables provides numerous nutritional … Read More