Breakfast Recipes Under 300 Calories

May 21, 2018Breakfast Recipes

Are you looking for a healthy breakfast under 300 calories? These recipes under 300 calories and will keep you satisfied and energised.The first meal you have in the morning can be low calorie and taste good too. The following low calorie breakfast ideas can be used to help with weight loss if you are planning … Read More

🍎The Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

May 16, 2018Fat Burning Super Recipes, health

This delicious ingredient is often mis-understood and under utilized. Come on a culinary journey and discover Coconut Milk. I was taught as a young child that the clear liquid inside the coconut is the milk. However, I and many others were told wrong. This clear liquid is in fact coconut juice or coconut water. Coconut … Read More

The Best 7 Fitness Tips for Women

May 8, 2018Workout, yoga

Would you like to be a fitness woman? Or are you a fitness woman but would like to be effective? Here are 7 great tips on how to become an effective fitness woman: 1. Get a program that will best suit you. Every fitness woman is different. You may have surgical history where a program … Read More

Vegan Quinoa Cornbread Recipe

May 4, 2018Uncategorized, Vegetarian Recipes

Have you ever eaten quinoa grain? Should you have not already, you should take the time to see the reason why so many people have begun cooking quinoa grain on a regular basis. Although this ancient seed has been popular as a staple in South America for over 5,000 years, it has only been in … Read More

Keep Calm and Drink Smoothies

May 1, 2018Diets

Smoothies are an excellent way to lose weight, detoxify, increase energy and improve overall wellbeing for mind, body and soul. Fresh Smoothies provide many vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes and are a quick and easy way to provide nourishment. Read some suggestions on how to fast safely and effectively and enjoy the suggested recipes. A … Read More

Vegetarian Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas

April 26, 2018Lunch & Dinner Recipes

If you are looking for a very low calorie version of Enchiladas, then you should try our recipe. These Enchiladas made from sweet corn tortillas filled with black beans and spinach, topped with a spicy homemade tomatoes- sweet potato sauce. The Mexican dish is ideal for vegetarians, it contain no animal products and are absolutely delicious! … Read More

Yoga For Weight Loss-How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn?

April 25, 2018Workout, yoga

Many people do yoga to lose weight. Yoga can be your main weight loss method or a good addition to your weight loss program. No doubt, yoga will help you get rid of excess weight successfully! Excess weight is a big problem for people from all over the world. Obviously, excess pounds may have a … Read More

Beetroot Powder For Health and Weight Loss

April 18, 2018Diets, Supplements

Beetroot is another super food that works excellent as a supplement, when you are on a diet. Beetroot is low calorie and yet packed with many nutrients that help the body work efficiently, and has been proved in a number of studies to enhance athletic performance. They are also a great addition during a pregnancy. … Read More