How many calories are in fresh cherries?

August 15, 2018Breakfast Recipes, Snacks under 100-Calories

In the summer, life is a bowl of cherries. The long, warm days have produce sections brimming with big, juicy, sweet cherries. To promote the nutritional benefits of fresh produce, there’s the Pick of the Season, a public health initiative spotlighting seasonal fruit and vegetables, with recipes this quarter for cherries, a produce selection that … Read More

Superfood: Raspberries Super Fat Burner

July 24, 2018Snacks under 100-Calories

Raspberries know also as a superfood, are recommended for weight loss because of the very low calorie intake and the high fibers. Raspberries discovered almost 2000 years ago, are from the family of the roses, such as strawberries and peaches.   Raspberry Ketone Raspberry recognized as an excellent  fat-burner due to the raspberry ketone which … Read More

Valentine’s Day- Low Calorie Chocolate Covered Strawberries

January 31, 2018Snacks under 100-Calories

How to make low calorie chocolate covered strawberries? These Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate have only 100 Calories. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and your loved one deserves something special… This healthy dessert recipe is a quick and healthy way to surprise your loved one with sweet treat for Valentine’s Day. These little super-food … Read More

The Boiled Egg Diet: Lose 10 kg In 2 Weeks!

January 30, 2018Diets, Snacks under 100-Calories

Did you know that boiled eggs are great for your diet? This incredible diet is ideal for losing a lot of weight in just a short time. The diet consists with eggs, fruit and vegetables that will help your body burn fat naturally while also preventing cravings. But very important is, during this die is … Read More