What is the FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss program?
The FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss program is a complete, well balanced diet that contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy weight loss.
The diet is based on the concept of ‘Eat the Food You Love’ – as long you are aware of the size of each portion – and ‘How To Prepare your Meals’.
You will be surprised what you can eat, if you know exactly the amount you can eat and the right way to prepare the ingredients.

You might fancy a traditional English Breakfast, or perhaps Burger and Chips?
No Problem! Each of these meals contains around 100 to 300 calories.

We have also added many so called ‘Negative Calorie’ receipts, providing a balanced calorific intake so that, during the day, you can look forward to 5 delicious meals without exceeding your daily limit.
Why are 5 Meals a Day are better?
Eating 5 meals a day will make you feel like you are eating all day long! Spreading out the five meals throughout the day means you eat roughly every 4 hours. Also, eating 5 meals a day eases that stressful feeling of deprivation you get when trying to lose weight. The whole ‘trying not to eat’ thing can stress you out, making dieting harder than it should be. 

By eating 5 meals a day you will get about 900-1200 calories each day.
Who is the diet for?
This balanced diet is primarily designed for women, but can be used by anyone, male or female, who wants to lose weight naturally and effortlessly.
The FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss program is not only for those who want lose weight quickly, it is also aimed at those who want to start a longer term weight goal and begin a healthier lifestyle.

Before you get started

To get a good result, you need to commit to healthy lifestyle changes, including getting regular exercise and making balanced, healthful food choices. When you reach your goal weight, your calorie needs for weight maintenance will likely be lower than they were at your starting weight. At that point, experiment with your calorie target until you find a range that helps you maintain your weight.

Consult with your doctor before starting a weight loss or exercise plan, particularly if you have a diet-related illness or a history of heart problems. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, please take special consideration to these provisions.

Can I use the Fastslim Diet more than once?

Absolutely! You can use the FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss program as many times as you like. However, we recommend that after each 14 day cycle you spend at least 4 weeks with a more moderate diet program. This allows your body to recover from what is an intensive weight loss program.

Will I have to starve through the 14 day diet?
Not at all! In fact, you will have a very balanced menu with 5 meals a day. These include 2 snacks and 3 main courses with delicious negative calorie receipts. Negative Calorie Foods are filling. They are also packed with fiber that help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, reducing the urge to snacks.
What are Negative Calorie Foods?

Vegetables, fruits and spices are considered negative calorie foods. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals. These are foods that boost your metabolism and trigger your body’s fat-burning system. Because of their high fiber content, you feel satisfied longer than with other foods; your hunger pangs and food cravings are greatly reduced. As a result, you eat less but healthier and end up losing weight.

How much weight I can lose?
Depending on body type and your current weight, you can lose anywhere from 10-14 lbs/ in two weeks. By adding exercise you can lose even more weight.

How much exercise will I need to do?
Exercise helps you to burn calories and lose weight. Being physically active on a regular basis will help optimize your weight loss results much faster and help to tone your body. The program includes also a workout plan.

These workouts take only 5-20 minutes a day to complete and are fun and effective. The exercises give you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. The best part is that you can do them in the comfort of your own home. No equipment or expensive gym membership required!

For example: doing 1 hour of cycling will help you burn an extra 150 calories a day.
How Do Subliminal Messages Work?
When you listen to the sound your brain begins to resonate with the binaural beat, or “follow” the beat. This effect is called the Frequency Following Response. The binaural beat technology has been endorsed by scores of doctors and scientists around the world. By listening to a harmonicly layered blend of frequencies your brain can effortlessly achieve deep relaxation, powerful goals and much more. Subliminal tunes can be listened to when you are asleep or awake, as the messages are hidden inside the music or sounds.

For example: doing 1 hour of cycling will help you burn an extra 150 calories a day.
Are the ingredients to make the meals expensive?
You will not find any high-priced foods in this program. All the ingredients you need can be found in a regular food store. Possibly you will be saving money. Ready meals or fast-foods are usually much more expensive.

How old I have to be?
Whether you are 18 and want to lose a few pounds, or 65 and want something to give you a little more energy each day, this program could be just what you are looking for. The FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss program is based on eating delicious, healthy, natural foods, promoting an overall healthy lifestyle suitable for all ages.
What if I am a vegetarian or vegan?

Most of the recipes are vegan-friendly. A few recommended meals contain some meat and animal products, but you can always use substitutes or replace them with one of our vegan receipts. Just make sure they have similar calorie and nutrient levels!

How much does the program cost and how will I access it?
You will be able to access the complete program (including 4 Subliminal Audio Tunes), the 14 Day manual, 14 Day Personal Trainer Program, Shopping List, Belly Fat Exercises & 3 Day Detox Diet, Nutrition & Calorie Calculator, Weight Loss Tracker Tool, and 62 Diet Recipes immediately upon purchase.

The whole program with all the tools is worth more than: £ 90.00

This will save you money (no printing and shipping costs) and you will not have to wait for your copy in the mail.

Does FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss program have a refund policy?
It is really simple: if you are not satisfied in any way with our program, simply drop us an email any time within 14 days of purchase and we will refund you immediately, no questions asked. This is how confident we are that our program works.

How do I stay slim after I finish the Diet Program?
The goal of this program is to help you reach your ideal weight. Keeping the weight off requires making long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle. Losing even a few pounds can make a huge difference to your life. When you have reached a healthy weight, you may feel the urge to increase your calorie intake. This should only be done by small amounts if you are to avoid putting the weight back on again. And remember to keep active.

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