FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss Program

The FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss program is a complete, well balanced diet that contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy weight loss. The diet is based on the concept of ‘Eat the Food You Love’ – as long you are aware of the size of each portion – and ‘How To Prepare your Meals’.

We have also added many so called ‘Negative Calorie’ receipts, providing a balanced calorific intake so that, during the day, you can look forward to 5 delicious meals without exceeding your daily limit.

Why you should eat a balanced diet? A balanced diet is best for almost everyone. By ‘balanced’, we mean that you strictly control your consumption of saturated fats and refined sugar, and are careful about how much protein you eat.

Frequently Asked Questions


5 Meals a Day

  1. Eating 5 meals a day will make you feel like you are eating all day long! Spreading out the five meals throughout the day means you eat roughly every 4 hours..
    Also, eating 5 meals a day eases that stressful feeling of deprivation you get when trying to lose weight. The whole ‘trying not to eat’ thing can stress you out, making dieting harder than it should be.Eating five meals a day makes it feel like you are not dieting at all, and this can work better than a 3 meal a day weight loss diet. The added benefit of eating 5 meals a day is that it evens out your blood sugar levels so you will not feel grumpy.
    By eating 5 meals a day you will get about 900-1200 calories each day.

Negative Calorie Foods


  1. Vegetables, fruits and spices are considered negative calorie foods. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals. These are foods that boost your metabolism and trigger your body’s fat-burning system. Because of their high fiber content, you feel satisfied longer than with other foods; your hunger pangs and food cravings are greatly reduced. As a result, you eat less but healthier and end up losing weight.



Portion Size

Food portion sizes have tripled and they are making many people fat.  Big food portion makes it extremely hard for many people to maintain a healthy weight. With our small portion size you will be able to eat your favorite foods, without feeling guilty.

Tips For Portion Control

Let’s Get Started


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The Fastslim Program is DIGITAL. After you order you will be sent INSTANT access to our members area and download in PDF format. It can be viewed on ANY computer, tablet, or mobile device.
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