Do you need to lose weight fast? If you need to lose weight fast, here is a sure fire way to do it. You will not have to do any exercise to lose weight. All you have to do is follow the diet and you will lose your weight in just a week.

If you need to lose weight fast, the Cabbage Soup Diet is an option for you. This is a 7 days weight loss plan which works by reducing much of your calorie intake. The diet allows you to eat as much cabbage soup as you need daily because they are very little calories in the cabbage diet.

You are also required to have the soup with a mixture of foods. Here are the menus for the cabbage soup diet that will help you in your need to lose weight fast:

Have the Cabbage Soup with fruits. No limitations and no bananas. You may have as much soup and fruits as you like.

  1. 2.Day

Have the Cabbage Soup with vegetables and one potato with a bit of butter.

  1. 3.Day

 Have the Cabbage Soup with fruit and vegetables. Potatoes as well as bananas are not allowed.

  1. 4.Day

Have the Cabbage Soup with a maximum of 8 bananas as well as unlimited skimmed milk.

  1. 5.Day

Have the Cabbage Soup with a maximum of 20 ounce of beef and 6 tomatoes.

  1. 6.Day

Have the Cabbage Soup with as much vegetables and beef. Potatoes are not allowed.

  1. 7.Day

Have the Cabbage Soup with brown rice, vegetables as well as fruit juice. Potatoes are not allowed. Sugar in the juice are also not allowed.

The cabbage soup diet does not include exercise routine as part of the weight loss plan. It concentrates exclusively on your diet everyday for seven days. As the meals are rarely found on many restaurants, you may have to cook and have your meals at your home. However the soup is easily prepared.

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With the Cabbage Diet, you are likely to lose about 10 pounds in one week. Upon the completion of the 7 days, you need to need to stop the diet. If you need to lose additional weight, you need to wait for 2 weeks prior to continue with this diet. This is primarily due to the fact that the diet is lack of nutrition. So, even if you need to lose weight fast, you will still need to adhere to this 2 weeks waiting period. This is to ensure that you will have the entire nutrient required by your body in the resting period.

Although your need to lose weight fast is paramount and the diet is good for your weight loss, your body still need to have proper and sufficient nutrient. As such it is advisable to balance the diet with multivitamins.

Due to the lack of nutrition and calories, the cabbage soup diet is not the solution for long-term weight loss. Most likely you will be bored just as quick as you lose your weight. The Cabbage Soup Diet is nevertheless very low in fat, fiber laden and it will cause you to lose weight fast and you will get into your desired shape in just 7 days.

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