Our Story

We are a group of people from all walks of life, with the aim of achieving and maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.Every one of us has their own personal story to tell and reason for wanting to change their way of life. Perhaps You Tell Us Your Story?

My personnel story

My name is Gabriela. I am the founder of FastSlim, publisher of Vitalmag, the Swiss-Lifestyle print magazine, and your lifestyle & health coach. I have also written other E-books, such as the 7 week online retreat program Oasis on Clickbank; which I also publish.

My journey towards a healthy lifestyle started when I was only a child. At the age of five I was diagnosed with chronic kidney and liver disease – which in many cases can be terminal. I therefore learned at very young age the importance of a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; as this is essential for people with kidney and liver problems. Since then I have remained healthy. I also practice yoga and mindful eating. Awareness of what I am eating has not only helped me to heal my body, I also understand what my body needs. I have learned how to truly enjoy life to the fullest, and I can still enjoy a nice meal with a glass of wine. 🙂

There is no such thing as the “perfect diet”. However, with the right lifestyle choices and moderation you really can archive a healthy, delicious and exciting slimming experience!
Yours sincerely

The Fastslim Program is DIGITAL. After you order you will be sent INSTANT access to our members area and download in PDF format. It can be viewed on ANY computer, tablet, or mobile device.
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