14 Day FastSlim Diet Plan


Eat Like a Supermodel! Start to BURN FAT! This is a Step-by-Step Guide helps you to lose 1 stone/14 lb and up to 2 inches in the waist in only 14 days!


The FastSlim 14 Day Weight Loss program is a complete, well balanced diet that contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy weight loss. The diet is based on the concept of ‘Eat the Food You Love’ – as long you are aware of the size of each portion – and ‘How To Prepare your Meals’.

We have also added many so called ‘Negative Calorie’ receipts, providing a balanced calorific intake so that, during the day, you can look forward to 5 delicious meals without exceeding your daily limit.

Why you should eat a balanced diet? A balanced diet is best for almost everyone. By ‘balanced’, we mean that you strictly control your consumption of saturated fats and refined sugar, and are careful about how much protein you eat.

What is Included in The 2 Week Diet:

    • 14 Day Step by Step colorful illustrated Manual
    • List of Fat Burning super Foods
    • 62 delicious Fat Melting Recipes
    • Belly Fat Exercises & 3 Day Detox Diet
    • subliminal hypnosis weight loss tune (Audio)
    • Shopping list
    • Nutrition & Calorie Calculator
    • Weight Loss Tracker Tool

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